Welcome To Lowell

Founded in 1968, The Lowell School is a New York State Regents approved and accredited not-for-profit coeducational day school, which provides a structured and supportive learning environment for children from elementary through high school age.

The school is approved to accept children with the classifications of Learning Disabled, Speech Impaired, Other Health Impaired, and Emotionally Disturbed. Our goal is to close the gap between a child’s potential and his/her day-to-day performance. An emphasis is placed on developing self-respect, responsibility and building character.

The Lowell School PotentialWe respect and nurture the unique qualities of each of our students within the context of a challenging academic program. The Lowell School offers each student an environment that encourages and provides opportunities for academic achievement and social growth.
The Lowell School AcceptanceThe inherent culture of our school is one of acceptance, tolerance, respect, and giving. Lowell students are involved in doing for others or supporting a cause.
The Lowell School AchievementOur supportive and structured multi-sensory learning environment provides each student with the needed tools to make academic gains. Each student’s progress is closely monitored so that individual needs are addressed and goals are achieved.


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