Our Elementary/Middle School, located in Whitestone, Queens, has a population of approximately 120 students in classes through the 8th grade. Students are grouped in graded classes according to age, academic, cognitive and social levels of functioning. While stressing the importance of academic achievement, The Lowell School provides a structured, supportive and safe environment that enables students to reach their potential. Utilizing a multi-sensory approach to learning, children are afforded the opportunity to develop academic skills, learning strategies and self-confidence that will facilitate their educational growth.

Elementary/Middle School Curriculum Highlights

The Lowell School follows the New York State Common Core curriculum guidelines at each grade level. Modified materials and specialized instruction are used to establish and build the concepts required. Core subjects such as reading, mathematics, language arts, social studies and science are taught at each grade level. Art, music, home and careers, computer science and physical education are integral parts of the curriculum. Our program is enriched through field trips, on site professional presentations, multi media materials and interactive programs.

  • A hallmark of The Lowell School is our reading program. Upon entering, new students receive a comprehensive reading assessment to determine their skill level in decoding, word attack, comprehension and listening comprehension.  In addition, all students are assessed on a yearly basis to monitor their progress and continued needs in reading.  Students who demonstrate significant weakness in reading are seen individually by our reading specialists to help develop the essential skills needed for independent reading. New students are assessed to determine the most effective reading methodology.
  • Our library is a vital part of The Lowell School. Students are able to utilize the library as a resource for class assignments and independent leisure reading. All students are responsible for monthly book reports, a different genre assigned for each month. Promoting literacy through programs such as Read Across America, DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), a school wide book club, creative poetry presentations, and a bookmark contest communicates to our students that reading is valuable and enjoyable.
  • The math program at The Lowell School uses an incremental multi-sensory approach to build math concepts and skills aligned with Common Core curriculum.  Math is departmentalized and students are grouped in classes according to skill level.  As with reading, new students to Lowell are evaluated to determine their math levels. In addition, the math specialist works in collaboration with the classroom teacher to ensure that each student’s needs are being met.  Students who demonstrate above grade level ability are provided with higher level instruction and enrichment.
  • Communication is an important aspect of The Lowell School. Curriculum coordinators meet with staff on a regular basis to discuss teaching techniques and materials as well as to share ideas and evaluate individual programs. The reading and math specialists consult with the classroom teachers to discuss the learning process, resulting in effective instruction. In addition to ongoing communication between the home and school, two parent/teacher conferences are scheduled during the school year and a report card is issued quarterly.